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Trans Mongolian Pantoscope

 London to Bejing by train. A 540 metre panoramic drawing.

During October 2017 I began a series of train journeys between London to Beijing. I drew continuously for every waking moment of the 21 day journey using a device called a Pantoscope. This immersive drawing exercise was completed using 54 scrolls of paper. The total length of the drawing measures 540 meters. Upon returning to the U.K I added watercolour to each scroll before filming them rolling past a camera. Sound which was digitally recorded on route was then meticulously added. This process (although not continuous) took 4 years. The resulting animation lasts 7 hours 14 minutes and documents travelling from the U.K through France, Belgium, Germany, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia and into China.


The homemade portable Pantoscope used to create the drawing.

promo shot 1.jpg

The 540m panoramic drawing as a single scroll.


The inverse pantoscope used to record each scroll.

Images from the journey

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