I am a multidisciplinary Artist working in sculpture, performance, film and assemblage.


Embedding a piece in the environment, utilizing found objects and involving the public are the foundation of my work.

Most recently I have been working with large scale installations addressing international border issues.


Duncan Mckellar


Born Knighton, Wales, 23rd December 1980.


Education - 1999 - 2004 - BA Hons Fine Art - Slade School of Fine Art.


Selected Exhibitions.


2019  -  Creekside Open selected by Sacha Craddock. A.P.T Gallery London.

2018  -  Reflect. The Island Bristol.

2017  -  Both. Edwardian Toilet, Bristol.

2016  -  Empty Your Bags, Create Centre Bristol.

2015  -  Creekside Open selected by Lisa Milroy. A.P.T Gallery, London.


           -  Zeitgeist Open, London.

2013  -  Pantoscope. Movement Gallery, Worcester.

2012  -  Toybox. Trove Gallery, Birmingham.

2011  -  Creekside Open selected by Dexter Dalwood. A.P.T  Gallery, London.


           -  Platform emerging Vyner street Gallery, London.

2010  -  Re Animate – Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales.

2009  -  Moot. Centre for Recent Drawing, London.

2008  -  Aquarium. Centre for Recent Drawing, London.



Film Festivals. 

2019  -  Chandler Film Festival, Arizona.

           -  Beeston Film Festival, Nottingham U.K.

           -  A Show for A Change Festival. Online.



Awards -

2019  -  Creekside Open winner.

2019  -  A Show For A Change Festival, Creativity Award.


Press -

The Independent Newspaper - 



B24/7 - https://www.bristol247.com/tag/duncan-mckellar/

The New European - https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/brexit-protesters-uses-mirrors-to-send-sos-call-to-europe-1-5977788

Stillpoint Magazine - https://stillpointmag.org/articles/biopolitical-wars-in-the-era-of-the-alt-right/