I am a multidisciplinary Artist working in installation, film and assemblage.   

My work addresses social interaction, global inter connectivity and a sense of place.

I aim to create uniquely powerful circumstances which could only happen in the form of an Artwork.


Enabling the Artist and participants to get away with something which otherwise would be prohibited.


I aim to utilize the power of Art for positive change.




Duncan Mckellar


Born Knighton, Wales, 23rd December 1980.


Education - 1999 - 2004 - BA Hons Fine Art - Slade School of Fine Art.


Selected Exhibitions.


2019  -  Creekside Open selected by Sacha Craddock. A.P.T Gallery London.

2018  -  Reflect. The Island Bristol.

2017  -  Both. Edwardian Toilet, Bristol.

2016  -  Empty Your Bags, Create Centre Bristol.

2015  -  Creekside Open selected by Lisa Milroy. A.P.T Gallery, London.


           -  Zeitgeist Open, London.

2013  -  Pantoscope. Movement Gallery, Worcester.

2012  -  Toybox. Trove Gallery, Birmingham.

2011  -  Creekside Open selected by Dexter Dalwood. A.P.T  Gallery, London.


           -  Platform emerging Vyner street Gallery, London.

2010  -  Re Animate – Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales.

2009  -  Moot. Centre for Recent Drawing, London.

2008  -  Aquarium. Centre for Recent Drawing, London.



Film Festivals. 

2019  -  Chandler Film Festival, Arizona.

           -  Beeston Film Festival, Nottingham U.K.

           -  A Show for A Change Festival. Online.



Awards -

2019  -  Creekside Open winner.

2019  -  A Show For A Change Festival, Creativity Award.


Press -

The Independent Newspaper - 



B24/7 - https://www.bristol247.com/tag/duncan-mckellar/

The New European - https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/brexit-protesters-uses-mirrors-to-send-sos-call-to-europe-1-5977788

Stillpoint Magazine - https://stillpointmag.org/articles/biopolitical-wars-in-the-era-of-the-alt-right/