Mirrors have held significance for me since childhood. Early experiments with photography and camera obscura led me to become more interested in their physical properties than the image they assisted in creating.

Summer holidays spent dismantling SLR cameras, slide projectors and sending morse code signals created an obsession with optics and light, or more specifically, sunlight.

Reflected sunlight now personally represents an ethereal energy symbolising human spirit, hope or life itself.

I find this interesting when juxtaposed against the historical symbolism of the mirror as portal to the underworld as the individual contemplates their own reflection/mortality. In the age of the selfie, this intrigues me greatly.

The fascinating simplicity of a mirror gives me both material and metaphorical inspirational.

Territories and borders have also been a present theme in my life since growing up along Offa’s Dyke (the historic border between England and Wales.) Crossing over an invisible yet tangible border to go to school or the shops is a routine which feels as natural as it does unnatural. Subtle changes in street signs, building materials, accents and attitudes is something which I have observed and normalised.

Navigational lines and the inner mapping of the landscape whether rural or urban, physical or phycological is ingrained in my daily life.