Trans Mongolian Pantoscope

A 540m panoramic drawing documenting a rail journey between London and Bejing.

During Ocotber 2014 I completed a series of train journeys which took me from St.Pancras station in London through France, Belgium, Germany, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia into China. I drew continuously for every waking moment of the 21 day journey. The immersive drawing exercise was as completed using 10m X 30cm scrolls of paper and a homemade Pantoscope. The total lenght of the drawing measured 540 meters. Upon returning to the U.K I added watercolour to each scroll before filming them individually rolling beneath a camera. I then added sound which was also recorded on route. This process (although not continous) took 4 years. The resulting film is 7 hours 14 minutes long

The homemade Pantoscope used to create the darawing.

The 540m panoramic drawing shown as individual scrolls and a single scroll.

Images from the journey